The scope and breadth of the Morton Street project was intriguing. It included 2,860-LF of 54” of coated lap-joint weld steel force main protected by over 100 cathodic protection anodes, 1,900-LF of 30” PVC gravity sewer up to 24’ in depth, 4,000-LF of 16” HDPE force main, and 720-LF of 6” HDPE water main. All of this to be installed in four blocks of early-1900s residential city streets through an Army Corp of Engineers levee, with significant dewatering possibilities and tight residential working conditions. Now we’re talking!

There were some serious considerations. This project location, in Ft. Wayne, Indiana is six hours north of us and with municipality we had not met. The soil conditions were also unfamiliar to us. While we didn’t get our hopes up, we researched, put together the numbers, and submitted our bid. On January 16, 2018, we received the call that we awarded the job.


The purpose of the project was to reduce the number of times per year that combined sewer outfalls released sewage into the Maumee River. The scope included installation of a new large-diameter combined sewer force main to divert water through the water pollution control treatment plant, reducing pollutants, and meeting compliance deadlines set by the federal government’s consent decree for CSO overflows. In addition to pipe installs, the project boasted demolition and restoration of four city blocks of Cody Avenue, including residential tree removal, cross county clearing, all new pavements, sidewalks, ADA ramps, curbing, residential retaining walls, street lighting and park walking path, a basketball court, and approximately three acres of Army Corps of Engineers Wigman Drain Levee and walking trail restoration.


We pursued this project because of the challenges presented – we love a challenge. It didn’t disappoint. All new pipe was installed within the City ROW of Cody Avenue while maintaining existing utilities. Houses built on this street were located closely to sidewalks, creating extremely tight working conditions. Given these conditions, the new utilities had to be installed in a particular order, sometimes in segments to keep existing utilities live. Like working a jigsaw puzzle. Steps included relocating the watermain, installing sludge force main, installing sanitary sewer, moving more watermain, installing more sanitary sewer, installing temporary bypasses, connecting live sanitary sewer, and finally connecting storm drainage. All of this to make room for the ultimate purpose – the installation of a new 54” steel force main.

Then there was the groundwater. A lot of groundwater and it pushed through nasty layers of clay, sand, and gravel. Each block was different. One week, we could manage using a few 4” electric pumps and kelly wells; the following week, the crew had to install a full duel 8” Godwin pump well-point dewatering system; and the week after, they encountered rain and seasonal groundwater that wasn’t even worth fighting. In addition, we faced the majestic weather of Ft. Wayne. Those of us involved can willingly attest to the wonderful combination of chilling winds, unpredictable rain, sleet, snow, and sheer magnitude of wet overcast days. A special thanks to everyone who made the journey north and endured those conditions on behalf of the project.

As of May 30, 2019, all the pipe has been installed and tested. All four blocks of Cody Avenue have been restored, less asphalt surface. Weather permitting, Butch Medeiros and crew are expected to fully complete restoration and can claim success mid-June 2019.

Thanks to everyone for your hard work and dedication to this project. Also, a special thanks to the City of Ft. Wayne Departments of Engineering and Public Works. We sincerely appreciate the relationship built with the city through the course of this project. We look forward to bidding and building many ore for Ft. Wayne in the years to come.

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