Heavy Civil

Cleary’s heavy civil team specializes in building lasting community foundations. We manage all site work phases, from clearing to restoration, using our extensive experience and heavy equipment. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail ensures durable results.

Heavy Highway

Cleary excels in the heavy highway sector, demonstrating a robust capability in constructing and refurbishing highways. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology and innovative construction methods, we ensure projects are delivered on schedule and within budget. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to maintaining high safety and environmental standards throughout each project. With a focus on durability and efficiency, we provide reliable infrastructure solutions that support the growth and connectivity of communities.

Airport Runway Restoration

Cleary is highly proficient in airport runway restoration, offering specialized services that ensure runways are safe, durable, and meet the highest standards of quality. Our team is adept at tackling complex restoration projects, emphasizing precision and adherence to strict safety regulations. With a strategic focus on minimizing disruption to airport operations, we implement efficient restoration techniques that swiftly return runways to optimal condition.

Private Industrial Packages

Cleary offers comprehensive private industrial package capabilities, expertly addressing essential infrastructure needs such as Fire Water & Domestic Water, Sanitary Sewer & Force Main, Package Pump Stations, and Gas Mains. Our team specializes in the design and installation of these critical systems, ensuring they are built to the highest standards of safety and efficiency. With a focus on reliability and durability, we deliver solutions that effectively manage water supply, wastewater, and gas distribution for industrial facilities. We are able to provide turnkey solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each project.

Site Preparation

Rough and Final Grading

Cleary uses heavy equipment to shape and elevate the ground to the desired composition to establish proper drainage flow during the rough grading phase and completes the grading process by establishing a surface with material which promotes growth.


Moving earth is what we do at Cleary. Cleary can open and close trenches and safely dig to appropriate depths.

Storm Drainage Lines and Structures

Cleary installs storm drainage and structures which reduces the risk of flooding to preserve the integrity of property.

Stream Bank Restoration

Cleary is adept at stream bank restoration, offering specialized services aimed at stabilizing and rejuvenating eroded stream banks. Our approach combines technical expertise with environmentally sensitive practices to restore natural habitats and prevent future erosion. Utilizing a variety of techniques such as native vegetation planting and rock structures, we effectively reduce sedimentation and enhance water quality. Our team works closely with environmental agencies to ensure that all restoration projects meet regulatory standards and support ecological balance. Cleary’s commitment to excellence in stream bank restoration reflects our dedication to preserving natural waterways and promoting sustainable environmental stewardship.

Clearing and Grinding

Cleary excels in clearing and grinding services, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to prepare surfaces by efficiently removing unwanted trees and brush. Our advanced machinery and skilled operators ensure quick and effective clearing of land for various construction and development projects. We prioritize environmental sensitivity and safety, adopting best practices to minimize impact on the surrounding areas. Our clearing and grinding capabilities enable us to tackle projects of any scale, ensuring a clean and prepared site ready for the next phase of development.

Latest Projects

TDOT Bradley Co. Roadway Expansion – Cleveland, TN

Scope of work: Widening of approximately 3 miles of road, including over 168,000 cubic yards of excavation, 26,000 tons of graded solid rock,...

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