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1. Add or edit newsletter issues

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Follow these steps to add new newsletter issues or edit existing ones.

Add newsletter pdf file to the media library

  1. Go to Media > Add New
  2. Click the “select files” button in the “Upload New Media” screen
  3. Browse and select your newsletter pdf file from your computer
  4. Click “edit” after the pdf file finishes uploading
  5. Copy the file URL from the “File URL:” field in the “Edit Media” screen

Creating the newsletter post

  1. Go to Posts > All Posts
  2. Browse and find a newsletter post eg: 2019 Issue 3
  3. Hover over the post title to display options. Click “Duplicate This”
  4. The duplicated post will appear on top as a “Draft”
  5. Hover over the duplicated post title to display options. Click “Edit”
  6. Paste the newsletter pdf file path you copied in step 5 within the quotes after “[flipbook pdf=”
  7. Select a featured image (Ideally 400×250 pixels) from your computer to associate it with this issue
  8. Click the “Publish” button on top
  9. Your newsletter is now published
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