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Logan Todd was something mentioned in the office, on occasion, in early 2018. In March of 2018, the Logan Todd waterline project became reality when there was a call for bids. It caught the attention of many contractors, municipalities, engineers, and material suppliers. In our industry, a project with 99,000 linear feet of pipe is rare. More so, when the diameter of the pipe is 24 inches. We bid on the project in early May of 2018 and were awarded the job at the end of that month. Our team was assembled and we communicated daily to strategize building an 18.75 mile-long job that spans parts of Kentucky and Tennessee.


Logan Todd involved many obstacles, including the scheduling and procurement of material. With 99,000 linear feet of pipe, you must consider the number of deliveries involved. On average, our pipe supplier shipped 324 linear feet per truck load, which is 305 pipe deliveries. Cleary Project Manager, Adam Terry, commented, “I can remember Joey Still, our Superintendent, making the statement that, not only will we he be receiving 305 pipe deliveries, but he will be receiving 610 phone calls from the pipe delivery drivers.” This resulted in acquiring a standalone phone and number dedicated just for deliveries.


During the initial material order, there were multiple meetings between our supplier, Core and Main, and the pipe manufacturer, McWane Ductile. Steve Townsend, a sales representative for Core and Main indicated this was the largest single order he acquired in his 40 years in the pipe industry. It was also the largest single order the Bowling Green, Kentucky branch ever sold, and the largest Core and Main project for 2018, nation-wide (and they have over 300 branches). As for McWane Ductile, this was the largest order they sold through a distributor in the 2018 calendar year.

Thank you to everyone for your hard work and dedication on this project. Thank you too, to McGhee Engineering, Logan Todd Regional Water Commission, and City of Springfield staff. We continued to build on relationships that will hopefully last a lifetime. All those involved can be proud to say they’ve been part of a one-of-a kind project in this area.

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