Cleary Construction is nearing completion of the 12-inch and 24-inch South Water Transmission Lines – Contract A and the 24” South Water Transmission Lines – Contract D – Huffines Ridge Drive project in Franklin, TN. The transmission line for Contract A will provide additional capacity to feed a wholesale customer and reinforce the south side of the Mallory Valley system. Contract D will be tying in the low-pressure zone and make a complete loop for the 12” system. The project consisted of 16,401 LF of 24” pipe, 5,218 LF of 12” pipe, 7 ARVs, 1,437 LF of 42” jack and bores, 164 LF of 36” jack and bores, 663 LF of 24” jack and bores, 72,450 LBS of fittings, and multiple creek crossings. It has been a pleasure working with Mallory Valley Utility District and Hethcoat and Davis on this project. The Cleary Construction team looks forward to finishing this project and providing a product that Mallory Valley Utility District will be proud of. Cleary Construction would like to dedicate the success of this project to Daryl Rooks. Daryl passed away on September 17, 2022. His hard work and expertise was vital to the success of the project. 


Pipe material volatility was extremely high at the start of this project which led to material lead times being a major concern. Cleary and our pipe manufacturer also dealt with a scrap metal shortage due to the Russian-Ukraine conflict. This created an added concern for the pipe material lead times. We worked closely with Core and Main to ensure the pipe material for the project would be delivered on schedule to meet the project deadlines outlined in both contracts.


Contracts A and D had several pipe installation deadlines that Cleary had to meet. We started on Contract D to meet the Huffines Ridge development project schedule deadline. The Contract D segment was installed on time, and the crew began working on Contract A. Most of the project was installed within Contract A, which ran through a large section of town. This brought on many challenges dealing with traffic and existing utilities. The crew did an excellent job overcoming these challenges and minimizing the impact on the surrounding area. The project is nearing completion, and we plan to make the final tie-ins in late spring of 2023. We are proud of the hard work and dedication Chris Hammock and his crew put forth on this project.

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