Cleary is proud to present the completion of its first project in the state of South Carolina. The New Heritage Gravity Sewer – Phase 2 Project is located at the state line in Fort Mill, South Carolina, a historic area made famous (or arguably infamous) by televangelists Jim and Tammy Faye Baker. Owned by the York County Government and managed by Michael Baker International, this project consisted of just under 9,000’ of a gravity sewer interceptor to improve overall infrastructure for the area. Specifically, Cleary constructed 6,900 LF of 24” gravity sewer, 1,875 L.F. of 18” gravity sewer, approximately 650 L.F. of 48” Jack and Bores, and finally, 150 L.F. 36” Jack and Bore under the railroad. Another big part of Cleary’s success in Fort Mill, can be credited to the outstanding leadership at York County and Michael Baker International. These two entities were incredibly knowledgeable and revealed themselves as credible resources for the lifetime of the project. It was an honor to work with them on the New Heritage Gravity Sewer – Phase 2 project and are looking forward to any work with either of these organizations in the future.


Like any large-scale sewer project, New Heritage contained its fair share of obstacles. From award in the Spring of 2021 to completion in the Fall of 2022, Cleary faced a variety of challenges caused by rock and wet weather conditions. These issues were frequent and sporadic throughout the installation of the gravity sewer installation. Brandon “BJ” Duncan, the site superintendent, faced continuous operational decisions to maintain fluent progress and safety while dealing with the rock & unstable soils. These same conditions were present for Cleary’s boring subcontractor as well, specifically the very hard rock. The hardness of the rock took a toll on the boring equipment and created frustrating delays, but Cleary’s crew and subcontractors showed resilience and pushed to complete the two long 48” bores.


The frequency of these obstacles presented an abundance of opportunities to not only exercise the Cleary crew’s expertise and creativity, but also showcased their ability to work as a team with each other and subcontractors. Cleary stresses hard work, determination, and grit; the New Heritage project exposed that these qualities run deep in BJ Duncan’s crew. Cleary is greatly appreciative of the work these gentlemen put forth during the duration of this project.

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