Cleary Construction recently had the opportunity to work alongside the Regional Water Resource Agency in Owensboro, Kentucky to install a new sewer system. This project has been widely recognized throughout the community for replacement of the existing 48-inch brick combination sewer.  The first brick was hand-laid in the 1800’s to build the 48” pipe system that would carry all storm and sanitary sewer in the area for nearly 200 years, until this project.

The Ravine Sewer Improvements project was designed to divide the combination sewer into two separate systems. The storm sewer on this project included 520 LF of 42-inch storm sewer, 2,910 LF of 36-inch storm sewer, and additional amounts of smaller diameter storm sewer line and stormwater related appurtenances. The sanitary sewer consisted of 310 LF of 30-inch PVC SDR 26 gravity sewer, 4,060 LF of 12-inch PVC SDR 26 gravity sewer and additional amounts of smaller diameter gravity sewer and related appurtenances. This project also included street, curb, and sidewalk repairs.

Cleary was fortunate enough to work alongside some wonderful contractors throughout the project. Yager Materials installed over 4,000 tons of asphalt and Rivertown Construction put in nearly 2,500 LF of new curb from 1st Street down to 7th Street. Hancock Farms assisted with trucking and clean up throughout the entire project. We have enjoyed working with the Regional Water Resource Agency in Owensboro, Kentucky on this project and we look forward to more projects in the future.


After mobilizing in May of 2022, utility crews uncovered stringent ground conditions near the Ohio river that runs along the northern perimeter of the city. Sand and water were plentiful under the ground surface, but Tim Terry and crew quickly adapted to overcome the challenge.


The crew hand poured a new concrete structure over the existing brick line, which acted as a junction box to allow the new system to tie into the existing system. From there, over 13,000 LF of new sanitary and storm sewer were installed through the streets of downtown Owensboro.

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