Rock Removal

Cleary isn’t scared of Rock. We can find the right rock removal process to fit your needs whether it be for trenches or deep foundations. Our Trenchers, mechanical hoe rams, and licensed blasters can handle your needs.


Rock and Dirt Trenching is a great alternative to blasting near utilities and buildings. The risk of blasting near utilities can be minimized with mechanical trenching. Rock trenching can be used in conjunction with blasting in areas that are highly developed and populated.

The accuracy of trenching means you trade the staging of blasting. Trenching allows crews to keep working on the job site, keeping clean up to a minimum at your project site.

The T14 allows you to break through solid rock surface or subsurface material without the unexpected complications of blasting. Leaving you with usable back-fill material with minimized finishing.

Cleary will be at your job site with a service truck and maintenance trailer specifically designed for the T14, with this, the crew is able keep the equipment running at optimal performance levels. Along with the T14 crew, project managers and assistants that will be working for you in project planning and reporting to ensure that our equipment and T14 crew provide expected results.

Hydraulic Hammer

We offer rock removal via hydraulic hammers on excavators and skid steers. Cleary keeps projects on schedule by operating hammers from 12,000 lb down to smaller 5,000 lb hammers.


Cleary has licensed blasters on staff and is affiliated with subcontractors who can handle any drilling and blasting needs.

Latest Projects

Knoxville Utility Board – Steel Gas Pipeline – Knoxville, TN

Scope of work: Included the installation of approximately 4,334 linear feet of 16” steel gas main. Cleary Construction faced many obstacles in...

West Park EQ Facility Phase 2 – Nashville, TN

Scope of work: Included the installation of EQ facility basin, which holds 21 million gallons of water. Over 140,000 tons of rock were removed,...

TDOT Montgomery County Warfield Blvd Utilities – Clarksville, TN

Scope of work: Included the installation of 1,055 linear feet of 18” PVC and DIP, 10,496 linear feet of 16” DIP and HDD, 3,240 linear feet of 12”...

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